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With its close ties to the  start-up business incubation and support network, the Club’s remit is not only about presenting investment opportunities to investors, it also provides support and training to businesses raising finance.

If you are looking to invest in some of the most innovative and dynamic start-up companies with high-growth potential or are you already an investor and looking to join an investment community that facilitates and educates to maximize investment deals then the Sea-Business is your place.

Whether you are an existing investor, a would-be investor, or a start up company looking for funding to grow your business, this Club can help you achieve success.


The Sea-Business has been successfully helping investors to connect with innovative fast growth early stage companies and entrepreneurs. Strong relationships, wide networking and strategic partnerships allow the Club unrivaled access to the most innovative companies, early in their investment journey –
Finding the best companies at the right point in their growth cycle and shaping them to be ‘investment ready’

The Club is focused on 3 major Investment opportunities:
1. Early stage startups (Fin-tech, E-commerce, Cyber, Security, IOT etc)
2. Financial instruments
3. Real estate projects (USA, UK, Spain, Greece, Germany)

“The Sea Business consistently curates the most compelling investment opportunities and gives me access to a co-investment network that allows me to share the heavy-lifting of Angel investment.”-
M. Friedman

* All memberships to the Sea-Business need to be approved by the Company

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